About Us

Pekingese Breeder, Canine Specialist (Cynologist) Mrs. Maiga Dzervite and her husband Handler Mr. Janis Dzervitis are located in Riga, Latvia.

Pekingese breeder, cynologist Mrs. Maiga Dzervite
Pekingese Breeder, Canine Specialist (Cynologist)
Mrs. Maiga Dzervite
Pekingese handler Mr. Janis Dzervitis
Pekingese Handler
Mr. Janis Dzervitis

My husband and I have a great love for the Lion Dog - Pekingese and have more than 20 years experience breeding Pekingese. Our first pekingese girl was with us 18 years. Now we have 9 pekingese dogs: retired boy Rocky is 13 years old; fantastic MultiChampion boy Sunny (Fluffy Cloud Small Prince, born 14.10.2009.); LV JCH+CH bitch Chita (Celeste Gautama, 05.03.2009.); their offsprings-MultiChempions daughter Hermelinda Sunrisecrown and son Herman born (14.09.2011.); offsprings of Hermelinda Sunrisecrown - Baltic (LV+EST+LT) Junior Chempions GOLDENRIX WONDER Amadeus Moderato; Anabella Jasmin and Arcibald Oneforal (15.09.2013.) and youngest puppy Beautiful Dolly - doughter of Chita (born 25.02.2014.). We are members of the Latvian Pekingese & Japanese Chins Club of the Latvian Cynology Federation (full member of the FCI).

Maiga Dzervite

All my life I have been living with dogs. My very first dog named Raja, a German Shepherd Dog, was only half a year younger than me. We lived in a small town in the surrounded by pine tree forests on all sides. With Raja we spent a lot of time in the forest without any fear. He was the most important dog in my life, being not only my guard but also my friend for 13 years. I was strongly affected by Raja's death; since that I can’t look to the German shepherd Dogs without tears in my eyes. As my family moved to a small apartment in a large town, we could keep only small breed dogs and they were 3 French Bolognese. With them I had my first experience of delivering puppies and nursing those that were abandoned by their mothers.

After my marriage with Janis the interest for dogs didn’t disappear, however living conditions for a new family didn’t allow us to have dogs, and there were also other priorities. Time passed, our two daughters grew up and became responsible enough that we could bring a dog into our family. Our neighbors had a Pekingese and not surprisingly we chose a Pekingese to. Since then I've been interested in that particular breed, while my everyday’s work was not connected to animals or dog breeding. Our first pekingese girl Kora Sun was very small (3.7kg), she was traveling with us a lot, also staying with us for several years in Washington, D.C. As it was difficult to find an adequate partner for her, especially in US, she gave us only one litter. She was a fantastic mother to her puppies, and some of them left Latvia for China. This small bitch with a real lion hart and enormous love for all family members passed away at age 18. Before she left us, we already bought puppy-boy Rocky Si. He is now 13 years old. It happened that he has been very allergic to any machine-made food, thus from the age of 6 month we are only cooking special lamb meals for him (he is not for breed, neutered).

Several years ago I seriously decided to start Pekingese breeding. All necessary preconditions were in place – a definite aspiration, prior experience with the breed, a spacious house with a lovely backyard in a very healthy area next to a forest park, money, grownup daughters and free time. My husband supported my idea and became a handler. However, while I had breeding experience, it was necessary to finally get solid background and knowledge in Canine Science. After comprehensive one year studies in the Latvian Cynology Federation education program I past the exam and now I am a Canine Specialist (Cynologist). 

We achieved our goal – in April 23, 2013 FCI accepted name of our Pekingese Kennel "GOLDENRIX  WONDER".