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6. Dog Show Results I-VIII 2016

posted Aug 7, 2016, 3:30 AM by Maiga Dzervite   [ updated May 27, 2017, 8:40 AM ]

2016.08.06. HERMAN SUNRISECROWN at NacDS, Liepaja, LV, received Ex, CQ, 1 ChDogs; 1 Best Dog and BOB. Judge Olga Kosareva (Russia).

6 m.o. puppy-girl GOLDENRIX WONDER DOLCE VITA had good training on football field, but after 3 hours driving was too tired to run as was requested by judge.

2016.07.31. At NacDS, Adazi, LV, our 6 m.o. GOLDENRIX WONDER DOLCE VITA (d.o.b.31.01.2016.) got PP & BOB PuppyHERMAN Honorable Judge Olga Dolejšova (Czech Republic).

HERMAN SUNRISECROWN today at NacDS, Adazi, Latvia, again receiving Ex, CQ, 1 ChDogs; 1 Best Dog, BOO and RETO Winner2016.

2016.07.30.  Our beautiful black princess MADHUKAR ASSOL NIGHT FLOWER (d.o.b.09.07.2014., Baltic JCH and LV CH) at her first DS after first litter - InterDS (CACIB), Adazi, LV, got: Exc, 2 Best Bitch and R.CACIB. Excellent judging by Anna Rogowska (Poland).
HERMAN SUNRISECROWN today at InterDS (CACIB), Adazi, Latvia, again receiving Ex, CQ, 1 ChDogs; 1 Best Dog, CACIB and BOO.

2016.07.17. - second day at NacDS, Ogre, LV, babygirl GOLDENRIX WONDER DOLCE VITA again got PP & Best BabyHonorable Judge at ring Vija Klucniece (Latvia)Sadly too hot weather didn’t allow her to participate in BIS Baby. 

InterChamp and multiChemp HERMAN SUNRISECROWN received Ex, CQ, 1 ChDogs; 1 Best Dog and BOO.

2016.07.16. We are so proud – our 5 m.o. baby GOLDENRIX WONDER DOLCE VITA (CHESTER DEL PALAZZO IMPERIALE x HERMIONE SUNRISECROWN) at her the first dog show (NacDS, Ogre, LV) got PP & Best Baby and among 21 competitors became the 2 BIS Baby!!! Excellent judging at ring Inese Pablaka (Latvia) and at BIS Baby Maite Gonzalbo Lorenzo (Spain).

InterChamp and multiChemp HERMAN SUNRISECROWN again had Ex, CQ, 1 ChDogs; 1 Best Dog; BOB and became Ogre Winner 2016.

2016.07.09. At InterDC, Pernu,Est, our Inter and multipl CH HERMAN SUNRISECROWN received Ex, CQ, CACIB, BOB. Judge Sean Carroll (Ireland)

2016.04.24At 9gr. DS, organiser Latvian Pekinges and Japanese Chin Club, Riga, LV, HERMAN SUNRISECROWN and MADHUKAR ASSOL NIGHT FLOWER were the Best in Breed (BOB and BOO). Honorable Judge RITA KADIĶE SKADIŅA (Latvia).


2016.04.23At 9gr. DS, organiser Latvian Pug Club, Riga, LV, HERMAN SUNRISECROWN received Ex, CQ, 1 ChDogs; 1 Best Dog; BOB, Judge Leoš Jančik (Chech Republic).

2016.03.20InterDC, Riga, LV, our InterChamp and multiChemp HERMAN SUNRISECROWN (d.o.b.14.09.2011.) received Ex, CQ, CACIB, BOB. Honorable Judge Richard Paquette (Canada).

2016.03.19. InterDC, Riga, Latvia, our princess MADHUKAR ASSOL NIGHT FLOWER (22 month young) confirmed Cruft2017 qualification, receiving Ex, CQ, 1 Best Bitch; CACIB, BOO. Judge Tatjana Urek (Slovenia).

2016.03.10. Our InterChamp and multiChemp HERMAN SUNRISECROWN (d.o.b.14.09.2011.) presented Latvian Pekingeses at Crufts2016, Birminghem, UK. This world famost DS celebrated 125 years. 

Honarable Judge Mrs A Livesey (UK).

2016.02.14. Our InterChamp and multiChemp HERMAN SUNRISECROWN (d.o.b.14.09.2011.) again confirm his skills receiving 2 BOB.

Judge Francesco Cochetti (Italy) in Ogre, LV, 14.02.2016., had EX 1; 1 Ch Dogs; 1 Best Dog;  

and under Judge Inessa Rodina (Russia) in Valmiera, LV, 20.02.2016. got EX 1; 1 Ch Dogs; 1 Best Dog; BOB; ValmierasW’16