Our Puppies

Pekingese litter born 03.12.2012.

Sire: Fluffy Cloud Small Prince, Inter Ch. of  Beauty: BALT, LV, EST, LT CH; BALT, LV, EST, LT JCH; Latvian JW’11, LV W’12, CACIBx8, RCACIBx1, BOBx10, BOOx5, (born 14 Oct, 2009), breeder Aleksei Djomin (Finland)
Dam: Celeste Gautama, LV JCH; LV CH; BOBx2, BOOx1, (born 05 March, 2009), breeder Lilija Vyšniauskiene (Lithuania)
Born 3 December, 2012. 
Three boys and one girl:
Kerline Sunrisetiara (sold, left for Kaliningrad, Russia)
King Kong Sunrisetiara (sold, left for Riga, Latvia)
Karlsons Sunrisetiara (sold, left for Riga, Latvia)
When will I have one, too???
Konfucius Sunrisetiara (sold)
The first 3 days.

The First Pekingese litter of Celeste Gautama


Born 14 September, 2011. 
Two boys and two girls:
  • Herman Sunrisecrown (boy) [sold]
  • Herold Sunrisecrown (boy) [sold]
  • Hermione Sunrisecrown (girl) [sold]
  • Hermelinda Sunrisecrown (girl) [sold]

Dam Celesta Gautama (LV JCH and CH); sire Fluffy Cloud Small Prince (LV, LT, EST, Baltic JCH and CH, 8 CACIB, multiple BOB and BOO, LV JW’11, LV W’12).

All puppies are identified (microchiped), dewormed, vaccinated according to the age, have EU pet passport and FCI pedigree. Confident, courageous, with gentle and affectionate owners. Perspective for shows and breeding.
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Herman Sunrisecrown (3 month old) 
Harold Sunrisecrown (3 month old) 
Hermione Sunrisecrown (3 month old)
Hermelinda Sunrisecrown (3 month old)

Two brothers and two sisters.

Brother and sister.

In the spirit of Heloween.

Hermione Sunrisecrown at one month old.

All four sleeping comfortably.

A few minutes after birth.

Proud parents